Volunteer Spotlight

Church in the Woods

Pastor Alice McGee and her teams engage in "search and rescue missions" street by street throughout the capital city of Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding areas. They pray for everyone that they find and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. They follow the leading of the Holy Spirit who brings salvation, healing, and deliverance. Night teams go corner to corner in the darkest areas of the city to bring Jesus to the prostitutes and drug dealers there.

At the leading of the Lord, Alice founded Church in the Woods. It is a church without walls searching out sheep without a shepherd. She teaches her group to go back to the bible and do things like Jesus and the disciples did. Going place to place, they find and disciple the least of the brethren. She teaches them to go out and possess the land and reign in the city. The Lord has given us dominion. The Devil does not own our cities!

Church in the Woods now serves 1500 people a week one-on-one and in over 30 groups. It serves as a model for other ministries in scores of cities around the world. The church is an open church. Alice considers every Christian in the city to be a member. It is bringing unity to the community as churches from the area come to work side by side and arm in arm with one another. Rich and poor are loving one another.