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At CarePoints, our goal is to bring our community together - those who need a little help, with those who have enough to share
Our community is stronger when we work together and help each other. Help can take many forms. You may have lost a job and need a hot meal to get you through a tough time. You may have a Saturday or Sunday to spare, but lack a facilities to do so. You may have a facility that isn't being used on a particular day, but lack volunteers.
The goal of CarePoints is to the tools to bring these people together and being good stewards in our community.
Here are a few guidelines consider BEFORE taking food to authorized CarePoint Sites:
  • Individually wrap or bag meals & resources
  • Use smallest package appropriate to reduce trash
  • Consider lack of storage & refrigeration options
  • Stay with the food you bring, don't leave trays or bags for later pick-up
  • Clean-up trash, recycling, and leave the area cleaner than when you arrived!
Let's not hurt the people we are trying to help - when it looks bad after we leave they get the blame!